action academy

Holmlands are proud to be partners with Action Academy, helping to provide media mentorship to their community of business-driven "#Adventrepreneurs"looking to disrupt the way we work and live.


The way the world works is changing, and Action Academy are providing a support network for ambitious, lifestyle-driven professionals looking to align who they are with what they do; creating a community of people who want to work on projects and ventures with real scope - whilst surrounded by an environment and the people who share their passions and interests.


Action Academy offer a number of ways through which their community can progress their visions into reality, including adventure-sport inspired co-working camps, business development & creative services, and themed talks and seminars.


Interested? Sign up to Action Academy and find out about their latest events first, or contact the team today. 

Holmlands Founder, Cameron Hall, speaking  about social media strategy ahead of the inaugural Action Academy Event in  London in October 2016  above and at Nomads Camp in Morzine, April 2017 below.