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The road not taken

A girl wearing a white and green t-shirt standing in a forest

To celebrate the launch of of our clothing range this summer, we are proud to present "The Road Not Taken", a new video showcasing our organic, sustainable products for good causes.

The video brings together several members of our community ...

Designs by Margo Stoney from High Mountain Creative, a graphic designer who attended our "PR Masterclass" in the mountains of Morzine last winter as part of Action Academy's Nomad's Camp.

Margo's designs are modelled by Lucy Jayne May, a ski instructor based in Verbier who has attended several of our events over the years.

We were also delighted to be joined by special guest star - Ludo The Cockapoo - Lucy's dog!

Combined with a voice over by BBC journalist Bethany Rose, who interviewed our Paralympic heroes Millie Knight, Brett Wild and Chris Lloyd at the Winter Paralympic Games in South Korea earlier this year.

Our Founder and Director Cameron Hall says, "The idea behind our clothing range is to unite people from within our ever expanding community and give something back to the causes we care about. Working with Margo, Lucy, Ludo and Beth on this project is a perfect example of bringing people together through storytelling."

With a percentage of profits going to our charity partners at Disability Snowsport UK, our clothing is also recyclable. Each garment contains a QR code with instructions on how items can be returned and turned into something new once worn.

"The Road Not Taken", written by American poet Robert Frost, was penned in 1916 - exactly 100 years before the incorporation of Holmlands. The poem is rooted in the spirit of adventure ... finding your own path and creating your own story. A reflection of our core values.

Check out the video below and discover more at

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