lizzie carr

Lizzie Carr is an adventurer, environmental activist and Founder of Plastic Patrol, a volunteer led initiative acting to rid global inland water ways of plastic waste.  


Having overcome a battle with cancer in her mid twenties, Lizzie has gone on to become a driving force in the fight against single use plastic, by taking action through adventure and nature. 

A double stand up paddle board world record holder, in 2015, she became the first person in history to paddle board the length of England solo and unsupported. A year later, she became the first woman to solo paddle board across the English Channel. Each challenge saw Lizzie collect tonnes of plastic waste and collect water samples to test for micro plastics respectively. 


Lizzie is also the first person to successfully paddle the navigable length of New York’s Hudson River - a 275km journey from Albany in New York State to the Statue of Liberty. The feat of endurance was completed over eight consecutive days, as she confronted unpredictable conditions. En route Lizzie conducted a series of citizen science activities to develop a better understanding of water quality on the Hudson River, conducting a number of beach clean up operations, documenting more than 2000 examples of plastic encountered along the Hudson River.

Holmlands worked with Lizzie to secure secured press coverage for The Hudson Project and coordinating national and international media operations before, during and after the challenge. 

Our work led resulted in major press coverage including a front page cover story on The Times newspaper, with a T2 front cover and double page lead feature. 

Additional coverage secured by Holmlands also included BBC News, NBC Universal Euronews, ITV News, The London Evening Standard, UNILAD Adventure and more. 

We continue to work with Lizzie to provide press and media support and endorsement opportunities. 


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