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Meeting a record breaker

A woman and man wearing all in one purple ski suits standing on a mountain smiling

Yesterday we had the privilege to interview one of our heroes.

In 1994, aged 50, Arnie Wilson skied every single day for a year in 240 different resorts across 13 countries with the love of his life, Lucy, before she tragically died in an horrific skiing accident.

Arnie wrote a book in memory of their adventures together, called "Ski the World." He re-reads the book every few years and and when he gets to the end, goes back to the first few chapters again so when he puts it back on the bookshelf, Lucy is still alive.

Moving, tragic, inspiring and very humble, it was a honour to spend the day with Arnie at his home in Sussex.

Stay tuned for details of a very special documentary Holmlands Productions are making about Arnie and Lucy's story.

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