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Holmlands thriving at five

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Today marks our fifth year of business in what's been a brilliant journey so far, as we take time to look back on some highlights and look forward to new ventures ahead...

From operating more than 40 events nationally and internationally; to delivering public relations, video production and media services to some of our favourite athletes, adventurers and brands.

Countless pieces of national, consumer and broadcast coverage have been secured for our adventure loving clients, as we help them to tell their stories, reach new audiences, expand awareness and raise their profile through the press - with a sample of just some of the media coverage we have successfully secured here.

In particular, we were extremely proud to have represented half of the ParalympicsGB ski team at the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea - in what proved to be the most successful winter Paralympics in British history - as we helped to shine a greater spotlight on disability sport in the process.

We've created our own films too, from our first production of 'Holmlands Stories: Ski the World' to 'The Revelstoke Diaries' film and web series - with the scale and production continuing to increase along with reach, through the power of effective and heartfelt storytelling.

We've launched our own podcast and ethical clothing range and continue to fundraise for our charity partners - in particular Disability Snowsport UK, doing what we can to support their vital and life changing work.

There are also a number of clients, projects and campaigns we've worked on that you won't see on our website or social media channels that have been incredibly rewarding and we have been honoured to deliver.

Indeed, many of the best moments we've experienced over the past five years are the small ones that we like to keep just to ourselves, but remain memories we'll cherish forever.

Like with any business, there have been challenges along the way, not least of all a global pandemic, but as we continue to grow year on year the only thing we regret is not starting sooner.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the Holmlands journey so far. Here's to the next five years, and beyond.

We're proud of what we've achieved but even more excited about what's yet to come...


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