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Shooting for Sense

Two women and a man standing at the bottom of an indoor ski slope, smiling and looking at camera.

We were recently brought on board by Sense, a charity helping to support people living with complex disabilities, to capture some ski specific content for their latest video project...

Launching their new 'Complex Disabilities in Sport' workshop, Sense arranged a filming day at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead to shoot with Hazel, who is a blind sit skier; and her Sense support manager, Tracey - together with adaptive ski instructor, James from Disability Snowsport UK.

Highlighting Hazel's story and the joy skiing brings to her life - the project was filmed, edited and produced by the brilliant team from Inside Job Productions - with Holmlands brought on board to specifically capture gimbal tracking shots of Hazel and James on the snow, alongside photography to help the charity promote the project online and in the media.

We also helped provide equipment to capture point of view footage of Hazel enjoying her sit ski experience and highlight the emotion she feels when skiing.

As non skiers, the main production unit captured footage from static positions at the top and bottom of the slope, alongside interviews with Hazel, Tracey and James in the venue.

Our expertise as skiers and filmmakers plugged a skills gap to ensure the action footage was captured in the most dynamic way by shooting on the snow, enabling a greater shot selection to enhance the final edit - together with the provision of over 50 high resolution photographs: including a mix of action, profile and behind the scenes shots.

You can read more about 'Leading Hazel off the side-lines and onto the ski slopes' on the Sense blog here.

The final film can also be viewed on the Sense YouTube channel below.

If you want to support people with complex disabilities to be active, you can sign up to the new ‘Complex Disabilities in Sport’ workshop operated by Sense here.

A project we were thrilled to be part of and put our ski filming and photography skills to use, spotlighting the importance snowsport can play in the lives of people living with disabilities.


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