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Drop Everything this November

A group of people watching skiing in a dark cinema

Holmlands are proud to present "Drop Everything", this year's funniest and most action-packed ski movie, with tickets to our nationwide screenings now available

Filmed in 4K Ultra HD, Drop Everything features the world’s preeminent freeskiers along with quick-hitting comedy, stunning locations, a potent soundtrack, and stellar cinematography. The movie is an unexpected, fun-filled adventure through the world of freeskiing.

Our partners for the film tour include Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, Ski Club of Great Britain and Disability Snowsport UK, with further sponsorship opportunities available for brands who would like to be part of the tour.

Drop Everything is the brainchild of veteran director Scott Gaffney, the man behind "There's Something About McConkey" and other MSP Films classics. Gaffney says “As a film company, it seems we’ve been working to impress viewers in so many different ways – moving stories, elaborate cinematography, and cutting-edge editing techniques. We’ve been after the ‘wow’ factor,”

He continues, “But as we focused on all of that, I feel that one of the most critical elements got lost in the mix: fun. And that’s what skiing is all about, right? With Drop Everything, I want to put entertainment at the forefront. I want people walking away from our ski movie smiling, laughing, and feeling like they can’t wait to click into their skis again.”

Gaffney, a ski movie viewer and enthusiast himself, wants an action packed movie that features the athletes as superstars. “So we’re going back to a bit of an old school style: personal skier segments, a whole lot of character and personality, several elaborate skits, and quick hitting comedy. Simply put, I want to deliver a rollercoaster ride that no one wants to get off.”

We couldn't be more excited to take the movie on tour around the UK, with dates and ticket links below. Check out the "Drop Everything" trailer and we hope you can join us at one of our screenings!


Ham Yard Theatre, Ham Yard Hotel, One Ham Yard, London, W1D 7LT
Cameo Cinema, 38 Home Street, Edinburgh, EH39LZ
Grosvenor Cinema, Ashton Lane, Glasgow, G12 8SJ
The Printworks, Vue Cinema, Screen 3, 27 Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 2BS
Elgar Concert Hall, Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham,
Birmingham, B15 2TT

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