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Walking the fence

A girl wearing a black hat sitting on a sofa in front of a brick wall holding a book

The third episode of our Holmlands Stories series features serial adventurer Lindsey Cole.

Lindsey is a true inspiration having accomplished a number of amazing challenges around the world - from rollerskating 150 miles to Bude in a nude suit, cycling from Cairo to Cape Town for the World Cup, running 250 miles to Manchester playing the ukulele and swimming the length of the River Thames dressed as a mermaid to battle plastic pollution (to name a few).

In "Holmlands Stories: Walking the Fence" Lindsey recounts her remarkable journey retracing the footsteps of three young aboriginal girls who were forcibly removed from their homes in the 1930's, before making an escape to return to their families - using a 1000 mile long rabbit proof fence in the Australian Outback as their only means of navigation.

Watch the full short film below and click here to see all episodes in our short film series.

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