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Filmmaker signs with Holmlands

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We are delighted to have been appointed by acclaimed film director Perry Bhandal to help promote the UK release of his latest feature film "The Last Boy".

With a shared love of film, storytelling and adventure ... The Last Boy is a Sci-Fi Drama inspired by the poetry of the 13th century Sufi mystic Rumi. A story of love, loss and wishes, set against a post human background.

Starring Luke Goss, Peter Guinness and Flynn Allen, Perry says, "I present a world turned on its head. Where we seek out others because that is all we have left. Where we are unafraid to consider and accept the esoteric because that is the new norm. Where we must reconnect with all the things that make us what we truly are because the artifices that have defined and constrained us no longer exist. And a world in which wishes are fulfilled. If you can survive the journey.

Perry continues, "I tell the story through eyes of a soldier who can only think to traverse a nation back to a woman he left on their wedding night. A scientist who searches for a way to reverse what has happened with no thought as to whether it is the right thing to do. A false priest who can only think to try and hold onto the past. A young girl who realises that in this new world maybe what you wish for can come true. And finally a simple story of a boy who loses his mother and instead of mourning her loss knows he has a chance of seeing her again if he can make it to a place that grants wishes."

Holmlands will be working to secure press coverage across key film, entertainment and national media, ahead of the film's release on DVD and digital download platforms in the UK on April 23rd 2019.

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