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Singing in the streets of Shoreditch

A man with a beard wearing a grey coat, sitting on a wall holding a steel guitar

Earlier this year, busker Hugh 'Blue' Jones caught our ear whilst dashing to catch the train in Shoreditch overground station.

We reached out to Hugh quickly after hearing him play and signed him up to perform at our first live music event in October.

Wowing the crowds with his powerful vocals and slide guitar skills, members of the crowd described Hugh as "the best live soloist we've ever seen."

Taking to the streets of Shoreditch yesterday, Holmlands recorded a series of three music videos for the talented one man blues band, before recording two songs inside NOLA Bar, a regular venue where Hugh performs.

The videos will help Hugh build his online presence as he develops his musical library.

Keep an eye on our Vimeo channel and social media feeds for the finished videos, set to be published in early 2017.

You can also follow Hugh on Twitter and Instagram @hughbluejones

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