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Drysure appoint Holmlands

A pair of running shoes on a tiled floor

Revolutionary footwear drying brand, Drysure have appointed Holmlands to provide PR support ahead of the new winter season, as they expand their product offering into new markets.

Drysure boot and shoe dryers, dry your footwear twelve times faster than traditional air drying, proving they are the ultimate footwear dryer for the active person - sharing in our passion for the great outdoors.

Founder of Drysure, James Robbins says, "Whether you ski, run, cycle or hike everyone who enjoys an active lifestyle understands foot-care is essential. With Drysure, we have a simple solution, where our products not only dry without heat or electricity - which is great for the environment- but they look after your shoes which means they last longer. In fact, they improve your shoe hygiene by reducing fungal and bacterial growth which in turns reduces the bad smells. Drysure is not just about drying shoes and boots, it is about improving your footcare."

James continues, "Having launched in 2016, we enjoyed a great first winter season and have partnered with Holmlands as we aim to bolster our brand awareness to new levels and reach new customers. Holmlands have a deep understanding of adventure sports, coupled with a great knowledge of the media and brilliant contacts making them the perfect partner to help us raise the profile of Drysure to new heights."

Founder and Director of Holmlands, Cameron Hall says, "Drysure offer a solution to a problem that nearly every single person who has ever participated in outdoor sports will have experienced. Wet boots/shoes instantly take the enjoyment away from any activity and it's not always practical to dry your footwear electronically. Like most great products, Drysure is incredibly simple, yet hugely effective. We couldn't be more excited to help them in their journey to reach new customers as they expand further into Europe and North America."

For more information and to view the Drysure product range, visit

A pair of white and black ski boots in front of a fire place

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