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Searching for pearls

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Our Holmlands Stories series focuses on inspirational human interest stories from people who share our passion for adventure.

In our second episode "Searching for Pearls", we speak with chalet owner Francesca Eyre about how she discovered a new life in the mountains following the loss of several family members to illness.

Francesca originally moved to Morzine after a twist of fate led her to the French resort, when a pearl necklace that belonged to her late mother was retrieved after vanishing at an event in the UK.

Having lost her sister and mother within a few short years, Morzine provided Francesca with an opportunity for a fresh start - where she met her husband Paul and went on to establish their dream business; Chilly Powder.

Today, the couple live in Morzine all year round, with their three children Ben, Eloise and Jamie.

Francesca, who also lost a brother to illness, lives her life to the full, participating in incredible endurance events as a means to "breathe for those who no longer can".

Watch the full episode of "Holmlands Stories: Searching for Pearls" below:

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