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Author signs with Holmlands

A man in a blue shirt holding a book in front of a brick wall

We are delighted to be providing PR support to author, Paul Stidolph for the launch of his new book, "Forests in the Sahara."

The fictional novel focuses on protagonist Jeffrey Harvey, who is realising his dream – an ambitious project to use the icebergs of Antarctica to overcome drought in Africa (a concept not as fictitious as it may sound).

To some, Harvey is a visionary, to others a liability. His passionate, but complex, girlfriend, Anna, strives to protect him from the dangers he brings on himself, while she struggles with her own identity. The stakes become higher than either can imagine - as their journey includes love, deception, intrigue, and murder.

Inspired by Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, Paul is a first time author. He has been a perpetual student, a zoologist, dentist, doctor, civil servant, and writer. He and his wife have two sons and enjoy swimming and the alpine activities of hiking, biking, and skiing and live in London.

Holmlands will be working with Paul to secure media coverage for the print and audio versions of the book.

To read more or purchase a copy visit

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