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Adventure proof patches

Collection of embroidered patches in a wooden box

Introducing our new heat cut embroidered patches - perfect for repairing any wears and tears in your outdoor clothing.

As an environmentally conscious business, we love adventure and the great outdoors, and believe in acting responsibly and thinking sustainably.

We encourage members of our community to make do and mend first, extending the life of your outdoor gear and get more use from the clothes you already have, as opposed to buying new.

Holmlands patches are one way to help our fellow adventurers to repair old clothing and reduce the need to buy more new things over time.

Our embroidered patches are iron on making them simple, quick and easy to apply to fabric. With a raised satin border, patches can also be stitched for extra security.

Click here to buy today for just £4.50 per patch including postage and packaging (or £8 for overseas orders). Enter payment total via our link and we'll e-mail you for shipping details.

All patches W: 80mm, H: 75.9mm. Limited availability.

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