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Holmlands adventure podcast

A woman in a purple ski jacket wearing sunglasses standing by a shed and a pair of skis on a shoreline

With the world coming to somewhat of a standstill in 2020, we've taken the opportunity to make use of time in lockdown by speaking with some of our favourite athletes and adventurers from the world of adventure sports; as they share stories and insight from their careers to date as part of our new Holmlands Adventure Podcast series.

The first season of our "conversations in isolation", will comprise of ten episodes, as our Founder and Director Cameron Hall speaks with athletes including pro skiers Nat Segal, Izzy Lynch, Ian McIntosh, Mike Douglas and Cody Townsend alongside inspirational adventurers and public speakers Lindsey Cole and Laura Kennington ... and more.

You can tune in to each episode via our website here.

The podcast is also available to stream or download on all podcast platforms including Acast, iTunes and Spotify -or if you prefer to watch, check out the podcast on the Holmlands YouTube channel.

The Holmlands Adventure Podcast is an entirely self funded initiative, so if you enjoy tuning in and would like to support the show; you can do so by making a voluntary donation here, helping us secure more great guests and produce future podcast content moving forward.

We encourage you like, subscribe, leave a review or share your favorite episodes with friends - and let us know who you would like to hear on the show in future seasons.

Stay home, stay safe and we hope you enjoy tuning in.

Check out our podcast playlist on YouTube below:

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